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Daniel Goleman welcomes TACK & TMI Italy

7 November 18

Wednesday, October 31, in the Gi Group building in Milan, Gi Group presented TACK & TMI Italy during an exclusive event  which saw the special participation of Daniel Goleman, the world's highest authority in terms of emotional intelligence .

Gi Group CEO Stefano Colli-Lanzi talked about the role of TACK & TMI within Gi Group's global strategy, while Irene Vecchione, CEO of TACK & TMI Italy, illustrated the value proposition of the new company, also supported by two HR managers who described past projects carried out in partnership with TACK & TMI.

Later Daniel Goleman gave a speech on emotional intelligence and leadership styles and  answered numerous questions from the public.

The morning ended with the presentation of LEADMEUP - an app developed by TACK & TMI Italy based on a serious game used in the TACK & TMI courses - which helps users to develop emotional intelligence.